The ZEEnit series from Analytik Jena represents the latest generation of Zeeman AAS. Both Zeeman-AAS in the portfolio, the ZEEnit 650 P and the ZEEnit 700 P, are compact spectrometers equipped with a transverse-heated high-performance graphite furnace, third-generation Zeeman magnetic field control and powerful deuterium and Zeeman background correction. The ZEEnit 700 P is a compact tandem spectrometer with an additional fully automatic flame mode.


Expand your analytical applications, improve precision and achieve higher sample throughput and lower cost per sample.

Versatile sample introduction technology allows liquid and solid samples to be fed manually or fully automatically. Intelligent functions such as dilution and enrichment as well as weighing guarantee a high sample throughput and allow overnight operation.

With a variety of manual or automatic solid samplers, using the ZEEnit for direct solid analysis is child’s play. The 3-field mode opens up a multitude of new possibilities, as significantly higher contents can be measured in a wide variety of samples without dilution.


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