From surface and waste water investigations in the environmental sector to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry – our multi N/C instruments offer you customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements in your field of application. Especially in the case of difficult sample matrices, the devices are convincing due to their reliability and ease of maintenance. With the new multi N/C duo systems we now also offer combined analytical instruments for fully automated liquid and solid TOC analysis.


At the heart of each model of the multi N/C series is the corrosion-free Focus-Radiation NDIR detector. Over a measuring range from 0 to 30,000 mg/L TOC it achieves highest sensitivity and precision without sample dilution. The VITA flow management system effectively compensates for carrier gas fluctuations and enables with EasyCal automatic and long-term stable calibration.

Two sample digestion methods are available for TOC measurement: high-temperature combustion up to 950 ?C and wet chemical UV oxidation. The high-power long-life UV reactor uses two wavelengths (185/254 nm) for complete oxidation, enabling blank value-free analysis without oxidizing agent. Furthermore, numerous liquid and solid automation options, nitrogen detectors and solid modules are available.


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