Legionella pneumophila

For detection of Legionella pneumophila

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Product Description


  • Any brown color and/or turbidity indicates a positive for Legionella pneumophila.
  • Platform similar to that of the Colilert Test: Ready-to-use reagents, no media preparation.
  • Use with Quanti-Tray/Legiolert for Most Probable Number (MPN) enumeration.

  • Confirmed results in 7 days without additional steps.
  • Streamlined work flow with less than 2 minutes of hands-on time.
  • Quality control procedure can be done in 15 minutes.

  • Specifically detects Legionella pneumophila, the primary cause of Legionnaires’ disease.1
  • Any brown color and/or turbidity indicates a positive and minimizes subjective result interpretation.

Focus monitoring and target setting on Legionella pneumophila, since this is the causative agent of legionellosis, and not Legionella spp., since this genus contains many species that do not cause the illness.2

– The World Health Organization

Why test for Legionella pneumophila?

  • Causes 100% of deaths from Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks3-8
  • Causes 97% of Legionnaires’ disease cases, based on data from cultures of 4,719 patients over seven years in 17 countries9
  • The only cause of Legionnaires’ disease cooling tower outbreaks6,10

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How the Legiolert Test works

The Legiolert Test detects Legionella pneumophila in water samples. This test is based on a bacterial enzyme detection technology that signals the presence of Legionella pneumophila through utilization of a substrate present in the Legiolert reagent. Legionella pneumophila cells grow rapidly and reproduce using the rich supply of amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients present in the Legiolert reagent. Actively growing strains of Legionella pneumophila use the added substrate to produce a brown color indicator. The Legiolert Test detects Legionella pneumophila at 1 organism in 100 mL within 7 days.

Potable Samples

10 mL protocol

Step 1

Prepare 1:10 dilution of potable water sample in sterile diluent.

Step 2

Add reagent to water sample and shake to dissolve.

Step 3

Pour sample into Quanti-Tray/Legiolert.

Step 4

Seal using the Quanti-Tray Sealer PLUS and incubate for 7 days.

Step 5

Read results: Any brown and/or turbid wells are positive for Legionella pneumophila.

Quanti-Tray/Legiolert provides Most Probable Number (MPN)results up to 2,272 per 100 mL sample.

Product Information

Legiolert (20-test pack)
Product Number: 98-0002710-00

Catalog Number: WLGT-20

Legiolert (100-test pack)
Product Number: 98-0005738-00

Catalog Number: WLGT-100

Legiolert Pretreatment
Product Number: 98-0007740-00

Catalog Number: WLGT-PRE

Legiolert Supplement
Product Number: 98-0005745-00

Catalog Number: WLGT-SUP

Quanti-Tray/Legiolert (20 pack)
Product Number: 98-0005796-00

Catalog Number: WQTLGT-20

Quanti-Tray/Legiolert (100 pack)
Product Number: 98-0005754-00

Catalog Number: WQTLGT-100

IDEXX-QC Legionella pneumophila
Product Number: 98-0009287-00
Catalog Number: UN3373-WQC-P

How to use

Learn how to use the Legiolert Test

Potable (10mL protocol)
Potable (100mL protocol)
Nonpotable (0.1mL protocol)
View/print Legiolert Test Procedure
Nonpotable (1.0mL protoc

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