EasyDisc R2A Test


Product Description

Gloved hand demonstrating how to use the IDEXX EasyDisc platform

Easy-to-use platform reduces waste and improves workflow

  • 12-month shelf life eliminates waste and improves workflow
  • 1-minute hands-on time
  • Reduced QC
  • Available in 25-pack and 100-pack configurations

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EasyDisc R2A Test

Heterotrophic plate counts in 5–7 days

  • No equipment, autoclaving, or agar preparation
  • Results in 5–7 days when incubated at 20–28°C
  • Easy-to-count blue colonies, designed to correlate with the pour plate method (SM 9215) using Reasoner’s 2 agar1
Step 1 of IDEXX EasyDisc process
Step 1. Remove lid and add 1 mL sample to the EasyDisc R2A plate.
Step 2 of IDEXX EasyDisc process
Step 2. Gently swirl the plate to distribute the liquid, replace the lid, and incubate at room temperature for 20 minutes.
Step 3 of IDEXX EasyDisc process
Step 3. Continue incubating at 20–28°C for 5–7 days.
Step 4 of IDEXX EasyDisc process
Step 4. Count all colonies.

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