compEAct ensures the fast and reliable analysis of sulfur and nitrogen in liquids, gases, and LPG samples in refineries and the petrochemical and chemical industry, even when laboratory resources are scarce. High throughput, short measurement times of 2 to 5 minutes, and user-friendly software help you to reduce costs and increase productivity.


The EAvolution device software sets standards in simplicity and functionality. Its central features include flexible data export, individual reporting, and an integrated method library. An integrated LAN connection allows for remote access and straightforward LIMS integration. Thanks to the compEAct self-monitoring system, you do not have to worry about unplanned downtimes for maintenance and system checks. The EAsy Protect system monitors and optimizes all relevant process parameters in real time. The maintenance assistant informs you of upcoming maintenance requirements and minimizes maintenance cycles and costs. The integrated Auto-Protection System guarantees operational reliability and the maximum service lifespan for important system components.


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