Comparator XPR226CDR

Reliability and Accuracy. Manual mass comparator, 220 g / 121 g capacity, 10 µg / 5 µg readability, XPR terminal, ProFACT built-in adjustment, mass calibration software, MC Link included, motorized draft shield
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Product Description

Specifications – Comparator XPR226CDR
Maximum Capacity 220 g/121 g
Readability 10 µg; 5 µg
Repeatability (Low Load) (5%) 4 µg
Repeatability (Nominal Load) 25 µg
Repeatability (typical) 4 µg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load (Test Weight) 20 µg; 200 g
Repeatability ABA at Low Load (Test Weight) 5 µg; 10 g
OIML Class F1; E2; F2; E1; M1; M2; M3
Software MC Link 2 Mass Calibration Software includ
Dimensions (LxHxD) 195 mm x 292 mm x 485 mm
Weight 9.4 kg
Adjustment Internal / proFACT Advanced
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.01 mg
Linearity 0.1 mg
Linearity ± 0.1 mg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 8 mg
Settling Time 5 s
Weighing Pan Dimensions (DxW) 73 mm x 78 mm
Material Number(s) 30594507


Accurate Mass Determination

METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results.

Minimized Weighing Errors

Error-free operation through user-guidance on the color touchscreen and automated draft shield doors support a smooth and hands-free process.

Secure Data Transfer

The integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces make it easy and reliable to transfer data to peripheral devices or a network.

One-Click Certificate The MC Link calibration software (included) automatically stores all your weight calibration data and other relevant metrological data in a secure database. Calibration certificates compliant with regulations are issued with one click.
Latest Technology The large touchscreen terminal with built-in user guidance minimizes errors. Built-in intelligence, e.g. status light, which intuitively indicates the instrument status.
Highly Ergonomic Operation The user interface guarantees efficient, intuitive operation. SmartSens sensors allow the draft shield door to be opened/closed with a wave of the hand

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