Balance XPR106DUHQ

XPR Automatic Balance.
XPR106DUHQ for automatic weighing
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Product Description

Specifications – Balance XPR106DUHQ
Maximum Capacity 120 g/41 g
Readability 0.005 mg; 0.002 mg
Repeatability (at 5% load) 0.005 mg
Repeatability, automated (at 5% load) – with closed doors 0.003 mg
Minimum weight (tolerance = 1%) – determined at 5% load, k = 3 0.6 mg
Minimum weight automated (tolerance = 1%) – determined at 5% load, k = 2 0.4 mg
Minimum weight (USP, tolerance = 0.10%) – determined at 5% load, k = 3 6 mg
Minimum weight automated (USP, tolerance = 0.10%) – determined at 5% load, k = 2 4 mg
Adjustment Professional Internal Adjustment
Settling Time 2.5 s
Typical Repeatability, automated (at 5% load) – with closed doors 0.002 mg
Linearity deviation 0.1 mg
Legal for Trade No
Dimensions (DxHxW) 485 mm x 426 mm x 195 mm
Repeatability (typical) 0.003 mg
Material Number(s) 30591875


The New Standard Way of Weighing

Automated dispensing of powders and liquids is the new standard of weighing in today’s modern laboratory. The simple process requires no training.

Use Precious Samples Economically

The smallest amounts of your precious samples can be weighed and dispensed with the utmost accuracy.

Smallest Minimum Weight

Automatic weighing reduces the minimum weight by up to 30%, meaning you can make considerable savings by using less of your expensive samples.

Flexible Dual Operation With one click, the dispensing head moves up to the home position and you can use your balance for all your manual weighing applications in the usual way.
Maximum User Protection Hazardous samples are dispensed directly into the target container, avoiding manual sample handling and eliminating spills.
Perfect Concentrations The balance calculates the precise amount of solvent required based on the actual amount of substance dispensed to produce the target concentration.
Increase Productivity and Throughput Mount the sample changer on your balance to automatically prepare up to 30 samples in one run and free yourself up to work on other critical tasks.

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