Choose the EAsy way

  • Reliable analysis of sulfur and nitrogen
  • Maximum sample throughput
  • Minimum maintenance requirements, maximum safety
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Time-saving features: pre-calibrated, factory-tuned, short measurement times, 24/7 operation

contrAA 800


The powerful high-end AAS system

The contrAA 800 connects the best of two worlds, featuring the high cost-effectiveness and robustness of classical atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) alongside the flexibility and sample throughput of ICP techniques. Top precision, rapid processes, and high ease of use all combined for a new level of AAS efficiency.

  • Simple and robust routine analysis made possible by fast-sequential multielement analysis using flame techniques
  • Visualization of high-definition absorption spectra in both 2D and 3D for interference-free analysis
  • Cost-efficient trace analysis using graphite furnace AAS for recurring measurement tasks
  • Unique determination of phosphorus, sulfur, halogens as well as other molecular absorptions
  • Direct solids analysis using graphite furnace technology
  • Improved detection of arsenic, selenium, and mercury using hydride technology in flame and graphite furnace modes

mercur DUO plus


Mercury determination in the trace and ultra-trace range

  • Efficient – automated and time-controlled flow injection technology
  • Safe – bubble sensor, optimized drying membrane and cascade enrichment
  • Effective – low reagent consumption, short measurement times

multi EA 4000


Quality is the difference

  • Unique application diversity (TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC, AOC)
  • Low maintenance and low operating costs
  • Fully automated solids sampler with high sample throughput

multi EA 5100


Your entire C/N/S/X lab in one device

  • Extensive range of applications without device modification
  • A single analyzer for solid, liquid, gaseous and LPG samples
  • Self Check System for unattended operation and reliable results
  • Vertical and horizontal combustion in one system

novAA 800


The analyzer for you – high-performance AAS for routine laboratories

  • Cost-effective – top performance at low investment and operating costs
  • Simple – easy handling thanks to user-friendly concepts
  • Reliable – stable measuring conditions due to robust components and clever design
  • Powerful – high throughput due to integrated sampling and dilution

PlasmaQuant 9100 ICP-OES


Reveal the Details that Matter

  • Maximum reliability – unique resolving power with high-resolution optics
  • Convenient functionality – broad applicability and superior analytical performance
  • Flexible observation – optimized plasma observation modes without compromises
  • Increased productivity – Outstanding plasma robustness for analyzing any sample matrix

PlasmaQuant MS


ICP-MS tailored to your requirements

  • Sensitive – 1500 Mcps/ppm at <2 % CeO
  • Cost-effective – half the argon consumption
  • Fast – 50 % higher sample throughput
  • Robust – matrix-independent long-term stability
  • Versatile – optimized for research and routine use

ZEEnit Series


Zeeman AAS for demanding sample matrices

  • Powerful: wide dynamic range and continuous calibration
  • Cost-effective: high sample throughput and fast analysis times
  • Versatile: also for direct solid AAS

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